Under "Skylark Warehouse" mentoring platform, our approach is to teach the Founders "How to think" instead of "What to think" and tell them "How to do" instead of "What to do". This approach always help the founders to learn and reach the correct decision on their own as our mission is to "Empower the Founders" not to enslave them!!!

We Facilitate

Investor's Collateral

Investor Collateral includes Pitch Deck, Teaser Video,Business Plan.

Legal & Accounting

Now get the personalized legal & accounting services

One on One Sessions

Get one on one mentoring session by industry experts

Launch and Expansion

Get your launch or expansion plans validated 


If you already prepared the investor collateral then get them validated

Tech Support

No more money burning in tech development and maintenance


Get exclusive access to startup workshops

Due Diligence

Get assistance in preparing for due diligence.

Team Planning

Lets us tell you how to make a productive team

Advertising & Marketing

Make new or Get validated your marketing and advertising plans

Mock Pitch Day

Get access to mock pitch days and learn how pitching work


How to calculate and increase the valuation of the startup.

So basically under "Skylark Warehouse" platform we provide all type of support & mentoring required by founders to convert their startup into a amazing, enduring and successful company.


Disclaimer : Skylark Ventures is neither a Stock Exchange nor it intends to get recognized as a stock exchange under securities contracts regulation Act 1956. The securities offered on our platform are not traded on any stock exchange recognized by SEBI. It is only based on the performance of the concerned start-ups. Investment in startups is highly risky and highly rewarding too. Before investing in startups understand these risk carefully.

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