Platform Fund Raising Process

Skylark Ventures is a "Close Door, Sector Agnostic Platform" for fundraising. We receive 200 - 250 fundraising applications in a month but due to our rigorous screening and selection process less then 2% startups get the chance to raise funds through our platform. Our minimum ticket size is 50 Lakhs which goes up-to 1 Million Dollars (~ 7 Crore). Platform ​fundraising process is given below which may take upto 3 - 4 months to get completed:


Register for "Digital Pitch Day" to pitch our internal investment team.

Launch and Raise

Only Selected Startups will get exclusive Launch & 60 Days to complete soft commitment from the members of "Skylark Investor club".

Due Diligence

After 70% soft commitment, we will start the DD process which may take up to 30 days to get completed.

Get Funded

Finish final paper work and Get Funded.

We look for

Impactful Idea | Expandable Business Model | Big Market Size | Pioneer Founding Team 

Note* : All deal selection and launch related decision making rights are reserved by our "Investment Team" only.

Skylark Pitch Day

Members of "Skylark Investor Club" are always ready to invest in the stunning seed and early stage startups. To start your fundraising journey in the most efficient way, Just book your slot for direct pitching and get ready to pitch our "Investment Team".

 If you need any advice or want to discuss anything related to your startup, we will be happy to brainstorm with you. Just write to us at


Disclaimer : Skylark Ventures is neither a Stock Exchange nor it intends to get recognized as a stock exchange under securities contracts regulation Act 1956. The securities offered on our platform are not traded on any stock exchange recognized by SEBI. It is only based on the performance of the concerned start-ups. Investment in startups is highly risky and highly rewarding too. Before investing in startups understand these risk carefully.

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