Minimum Investment : 20 Lakh


EmergentRX is a pharma-centered private limited company pioneering in operations research & natural compound synthesis. Our technology uses specially engineered light pulsing & optimization (ELPO) technology to improve drug manufacturing processes. Using our technology, we can fast-forward the synthesis and development of drug molecules and biologic of commercial value.


Our entity started with Future AgTech services model - R&D being our prime focus - designing our very own customized “Grow-lights” product to lighting solution for indoor farming setup was our key success story. Later, we extrapolated our core spectrum optimization technology to identify other application models and engineering usages–from which we developed the idea for biochemical pathways manipulation through light energy.

Basis the need in market we expanded from only grow lights and made our way towards the pharma world. Our in-house expertise and the team we were associated, motivated us to incline to Plant & Microbial Culture and Pharma industries, in-turn emerged the idea of “ERX” brand for therapeutics application.

Problem or Opportunity

One of the key short-term effect of the Corona virus-mediated economic events in a supply-chain of key pharmaceutical API necessary for drug development. In Fact, shortage of key pharmaceutical ingredients and starting materials has been a key challenge for the many months now and this is a continuing trend.

This opens a host of need & opportunities to cater to big pharma and nutraceutical companies.


Our technology-based applications significantly improve the production efficiency of complex drugs which in turn improves the scale of production as well as the profit margin for the companies adopting our technology. Apart from this vertical, other product-line that use spectral optimization techniques will also benefit from either improved efficiency or better sales through our integrated validation/sales channels.

Current Status

We have already established supply chain and sales channels for few of our product line (Grow-lights) through international business channels

We are prolifically working with R&D as well as partner collaborators to develop our other product lines which are scheduled to go to market (beta) within the next two quarter


Pharma manufacturing makes up more than 2 trillion dollars in market - and we can affect up to 40% of the base in production & optimization services. Integrated product development for bioreactors and fermenters comprises a total market of about 1.4 billion dollars and more than 5,000,000 companies worldwide specifically using the technology. Other application technologies like PUVG systems for sterilization constitute a 5-billion-dollar market.


We are pioneers in the market and is competitive agnostic considering the niche technology in the market.

USP or Advantages

  • Novel workflow and technology application

  • Extensive academic and technological validation workflow

  • Easy to adopt into conventional systems

  • Difficult to duplicate the science

  • Generally agnostic to competition

Short term target

  • Integrated product sales and co-funded R&D.

  • Enhance customer base with strong marketing and sales.

  • Increase in sales revenue and cash flow to the company.

Business Model

INTEGRATED PRODUCT: Sales on Premium -Our spectral optimization control system integrated into a conventional machines or hardware equipment -

Using our Engineered Light Pulsing technology as a basis, we are coming up with a new line of pharma-tech and bio-tech products for B2B as well as B2C applications.


B2B Applications

  1. Integrated Bioreactors & Fermenters– which use our technology to enhance the efficiency of pharma production by developing newline bioreactors and fermenters for sale & installation

  2. Customized Grow lights – Used in future farms and laboratories


B2C Applications

  1. Spectral-AI system for diagnostic applications– that uses our technology for rapid diagnostic applications suitable for COVID-19 like situations

  1. PUVG-Customized Spectral Filtration systems for homes and lab sterilizations


CO-FUNDED R&D: Co-funded R&D services where we work with top pharma and biotech companies to develop new applications for our technologies and patent-able assets

Money will be spent

Money will be spent on capex and runway for the next 2 years, including establishing / enhancing the R&D team, marketing team and other boiler-plate expenses. This funding round will give runway for next 2 years.

Offer for the Investors

Raising 1.5 crore against equity.

Team or Management

Sharath Vasista



Sumanth Vasista



Teaser Videos

Pitch Deck


Software patents for our AI driven data processing technology & innovative experiment design technologies - patent pending

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Minimum Investment : 20 Lakh


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