Minimum Investment : 10 Lakh


Cafe RT is a private limited company who is developing India’s first OTT platform for education (AAGAM-WATCH LEARN APPLY).


The company focuses on connecting millions of offline/freelancing teachers, coaching institutes, and organisations on the single platform to help them go online with their service.

Problem or Opportunity

● Poverty & High fees

● High probability of Ed-tech tycoons disrupting the market of local players.

● Gap between industry required education, and education given.


● Watch: Web-Series, Sci-fi movies, and documentaries of applications (practical) of concepts learnt in books.

● Learn: Connect local players on the platform from where they can teach their students using our virtual classroom

● Apply: The most important section of the platform where students can give exams, mock tests, and apply for certified courses, internships, and jobs.

Current Status

● Learn section of the platform live (with one of the best virtual classrooms in India).

● Apply section in testing mode (Should be live on August 13).

● Developing the watch section (Tech and scripts, and production teams are ready).

● More than 7 coaching classes (31 franchises/ coaching centers) already collaborated/registered with the company.

● More than 11 best freelancing teachers have already registered.

● 136 students using the platform currently.

● 6,700 students start using the platform from August 2nd week (for the new academic year)


● Edtech users (both paid and free unique users) in K-12, and the post K-12 segment have seen an increase, with the user base doubling from 45 million to 90 million.

● Increment of 50% in time spent which has gone up from 60 mins to 90 mins.

● Increment of 40% in willingness to pay and a massive 83% jump in the paid user base.

● Online education offerings across classes 1 to 12 are projected to increase 6.3 times by 2022 to create a $1.7 billion market.


Indirect Competitors:


# Unacademy 

# Vedantu

# Udacity 

# Embibe

Direct competitor :

# Zoom

# Google meet 

# Jio meet

# WebEx meetings 

Microsoft LMS

USP or Advantages

  •  Affordable

  •  E-Library

  •  Watch Learn Apply cycle

  •  Virtual classroom

  •  Content (and teachers) available in Vernacular Languages.

Short term target

  • Launch Watch section to complete the cycle of Watch, Learn, and Apply.

  • Improve the technology which company is currently using.

Business Model

Cafe RT focuses on a B2B business model where the company tried to attract teachers, and teachers attract the students. The entire project stands still on 3 pillars- watch, learn, & apply. Teachers registering on our platform can use the virtual classroom to teach digitally, shoot the videos to demonstrate applications or practical knowledge of the concepts. To complete the entire cycle they can conduct exams too. Company shall earn revenue through the following streams:

 1. Referral fees

 2. Service charge

 3. Advertisement

 4. Sponsorship

 5. Subscription fees

Money will be spent

Major money will be deployed in technology enhancement 

Offer for the Investors

Raising 1.68 crore against equity.

Team or Management

Rohit Sunil Jainn

Co-Founder & CEO

Satyam Mhatre

Co-Founder & CTO

Teaser Videos

Pitch Deck


● Applied for the process used.

● Trademark for logo and one liner.

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Minimum Investment : 10 Lakh


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